It’s often the first thing we learn when we start to study a new language, but also unfortunately, the first thing we forget. However, if you have ever had to give your name, address or email address over the phone in English, you will quickly realize that it can be very important indeed. Another problem is that some different letters have the same pronunciation in & English:

  • Spanish ‘i’ is pronounced the same as the English letter ‘e’
  • English ‘a’ is pronounced the same as the Spanish ‘e’

Can you correctly spell out your email address?

Remember @ is pronounced ‘at’ and ‘.’ is pronounced ‘dot’, so my email address is pronounced: peter ‘at’ peterwalsh ‘dot’ e s

I suggest:

That you learn to spell your name and surnames correctly in English and also your email address. It could be very important and will ensure that your details are not recorded incorrectly over the phone which could lead to a missed opportunity.