These words are often confused and can still cause problems for speakers at upper intermediate level, where learners are not sure whether to use or .

Fun is all about enjoyment and can be an (enjoyable) or a noun (enjoyment)

  • The party was very enjoyable, it was a lot of fun.
  • He believes that fun and enjoyment should be part of learning a language.
  • We had some fun at the park today.

Funny is an adjective that is just for laughs (a funny joke or situation) or can sometimes be used to describe something or someone as strange or peculiar.

  • The comedian told a very funny joke.
  • Their carnival costumes were really funny.
  • I didn’t really like them, there was something funny about them.

In , fun means divertido while funny means gracioso.

Common error:

Sometimes learners incorrectly use the word ‘funny’ to mean ‘enjoyable’

  • We went to Madrid for the weekend, it was very funny
  • Correct is: …it was a lot of fun.